Centurion Action X

2 stars - 1 reviews






01. 08. 2022 - 1316 battles - 2329 damage

Pros - 10 degrees of gun depression, good power to weight with good ground resistances, turret traverse speed, lots of room to carry ammo, good shell types. IMO, a good crew layout with the loader doubling as a radio operator.

Cons - Large ammo rack modules all over the hull, especially the front of the hull. Shots to the hull will FREQUENTLY damage your ammo rack. Weak modules overall, if you are not busy getting ammo racked, you are busy getting caught on fire. Horrid hidden dispersion stats; particularly the turret traverse dispersion. Besides above-average accuracy, guns handling parameters are sub-par (long aim time, average DPM). Gun feels trollish many times because of the bloom the gun will quickly accumulate when you try to move your turret or hull even a little. Tall for a medium, which means easier to hit and has below average came to boot. The armor is not reliable, hull armor is useless at tier 10 and 9 mm and the turret armor is easily penned by gold rounds on flatter areas of the turret and even the whole turret is pennable when with enough pen if you aren't using your gun depression. Arty absolutely chews through this tank due to the poor top and rear armor this tank has.

I have over 1000+ games in this thing. I have 2 moe and trying to go on my 3rd. Very painful experience. The tank has severely been power crept over the years. It feels like the tank is actively trying to fight you because of all the issue the tank has that prevents you from doing good otherwise. Other tanks can fill a role that this tank can't because the tank is not good at anything in particular really. You wanna snipe? Leo 1 is much better. You wanna play aggressively on a ridge? STB 1, udes 15/16, even the Patton can do this better You often get ammo racked even on the first shot to the hull so that on paper avg DPM quickly evaporates. you have to play this tank cautiously, not far enough away where the gun handling kicks in and you start missing shots, but not close enough where you will get out brawled and have broken modules to deal with. Ideally, you are trying to do this hull down at the same time which can be very hard depending on the map and the game situation you find yourself in. There are even better tanks that fill a jack of all trades role that has at least some gimmick. E50M is like this tank but has better armor overall, better gun handling, and can even ram. 121 has better gun handling and gets 440 alpha. 121b is the closest thing to this vehicle, but 121b improves on nearly every stat in every way except for the 5 degrees of depression.

TLDR: Tank can have moments, but be prepared to have either its gun handling, armor, or modules fail you. Severely needs a buff; there is a reason why this tank is near the bottom in winrate. I would wait for this tank to get a buff and if you want to play this line, just stop at tier 9.