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30. 07. 2022 - 225 battles - 2277 damage

Probably one of the best medium tanks currently.
-Very good gun. It is accurate, however snapshots are better with the Obj. 140. 121b has more base accuracy and needs to be used fully aimed. DPM is also good.
-Excellent shell choice. High velocity (1400m/s+) APCR with good penetration, the best HEAT penetration on any non-TD (350) and decent shell velocity (1200m/s+), high penetration on HE (105).
-Decent armor, can sidescrape against lower calibers. Turret is well armored and will hold up against standard shells. High penetration premium ammo will penetrate the turret right next to the gun, but moving a bit will help. It can penetrate its own turret hypothetically with its own HEAT shell. Regardless, the turret is more on the reliable side and can be trusted especially at longer ranges. The hull is good enough for occasional bounces.
-Excellent base view range:420m so you can comfortably focus on improving other aspects of the tank.
-Speed and camo are average, nothing special, but not on the weaker side either. However, acceleration and agility is good.

-Gun depression is bad, only -5°. You will need to manouver a lot to find ridges you can use. Makes some positions completely unusable. Requires good map knowledge to play.
-HE shell velocity is very bad, the APCR is roughly twice as fast. Will be uncomfortable to use if you're switching between shells with Intuition (you still should switch between shells to pick the best one for the situation, it's worth to make good use of either the speed of the APCR, penetration of the HEAT or HE).
-Its expensive. It costs 15k Bonds, a very big investment, but it's worth it.

All in all you have a very powerful, versatile tank here. You can snipe thanks to the great APCR shells and gun accuracy, brawl with its excellent agility, good turret and strong HEAT shells or punish lightly armoured tanks with the HE (RIP Grille). The tank lacks in the gun depression departament, but I think even -7° would make it broken OP. The tank can fulfill many roles in the battle, can relocate whenever additional firepower is needed, outgun heavies with its Premium shells, out-DPM most meds, even spot in certain situations thanks to its high base view range (with the three crew skills you already have 453m, with Food added you have 474m).

All in all, if you want a strong versatile Swiss army knife kind of tank, this is a very good choice, supposed you can work around the lackluster gun depression. If yes, it's an excellent choice and you will have nice battles in it.


22. 08. 2022 - 135 battles - 3686 damage

10/10 tank best in the bond shop

Did a whole vid about it