T-22 medium

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31. 07. 2022 - 475 battles - 1504 damage

Overall great preformer.

The unique v shaped hull makes it incredibly sturdy , except against players that don't know how to deal with it.

Since the tank is realtively rarely seen on battlefields some players dont know how to counter it at all , on another note players who know how to deal with it often make quick way of t22s not necessarily thick but we'll angled armour.

Dpm is lesser than of other tanks like it. For example if a 907 decides to pick a 1v1 and shall the 907 spam heat , he will out dpm you (speaking from experience).

Another thing to mention is the reverse side scrape this tank is capable of , if you peak around a corner angling your tank roughly to the point where your gun stops depressing , armour will be on almost auto ricochet while exposing very little rear end to the enemy if at all when done properly, if you do need some gun depression just be aware that by twisting the tank you are loosing asome of that armour protection , as much as it is still godly it can break.

In short , most standard ammunition in the game can be relatively easily bounced , HEAT &183HESH is your biggest enemy.