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31. 07. 2022 - 115 battles - 2251 damage

I think that this tank is very underrated. Yes, he has very low shell velocity, but you are usually firing at short range and with premium AP.

The main advantage is the high alpha (440) combined with good gun depression (-10°) and troll armor.
In addition to high alpha and depression, it also has high gun stabilization during movement and rotation of turret. The disadvantage is the already mentioned shell velocity and also accuracy. That's why it's good to play mainly at close range.
The tank has very good armor against equal and lower tiers. However, between tiers 9 and 10, it no longer holds.
Its maximum speed is 35 km/h, which I would say is average for a heavy tank. Its advantage, however, is a relatively good engine, which will ensure good acceleration and maintaining speed even in the off-road.
Surveillance is also average for a heavy tank and camouflage is not worth talking about.

Overall I definitely recommend the tank if you are a fan of heavy tanks. Finally, I'll add that I bought it for 8 500 bonds from the Ranked Battles store. I probably wouldn't take it for 15 000, so I recommend getting a discount.