Škoda T 56

4.83 stars - 6 reviews






30. 07. 2022 - 262 battles - 1874 damage

Capable of delivering 920 damage in 3,5 seconds, this is a STRONG tank.
Its penetration is mediocre, at 208 for standard rounds, and 248 with premium rounds.
Gun handling is okay as well, doesnt really matter if you are close range.

Here is a guide of how to use this tank:
1. Get in position
2. Unload the 2 shells
3. Hide for 20 seconds
4. Rinse and repeat

Good luck


30. 07. 2022 - 575 battles - 2259 damage

Sure, the burst of 920 alpha damage within 3.5 seconds is amazing on tier 8, and the main reason why this tank is regarded as overpowered, however, that is the only good thing about this tank.

The armor is mediocre for a heavy at best, the tank is not fast, and it has horrible gun handling. Obviously, this tank is not to be played as a sniper by any means, but even in close-quarters-combat the gun handling just feels atrocious. If you want to shoot a lower plate or cupola from 15 or more metres away, you have to aim for a good 2-3 seconds to be sure to hit, which is usually enough time for the opponent to retreat into a safe position. If you don't aim your shot, be prepared for it to either hit the ground or make a trip to the moon. Also, 3.5 seconds intra-clip reload is just a tiny bit too long in my opinion.

Again, the only thing that saves this tank as a premium tier 8 tank is the fact that is has a 130mm gun with 920 alpha-damage clip potential, which makes it great fun to play, but because of how much the gun has trolled me, I just can't give this tank a 5-star rating.


31. 07. 2022 - 103 battles - 2831 damage

Do not trust its armor, only expose yourself while firing. Mobility is meh, turbo highly recommended. Gun trolls sometimes but thats what you would expect from near 900 burst dmg gun on tier 8. There is no single reason to not use gold since both regular and gold shells are AP. All in all one of the best tanks on tier 9.


31. 07. 2022 - 236 battles - 2996 damage

Very strong tank

Know these:
-Needs good equipment
-needs full prem (prints creds still)
-gun likes to troll
-dont trust the armor alot, but reverse sidescraping works amazing



31. 07. 2022 - 116 battles - 1894 damage

This tank has its problems, but its still one of the best tier 8 premiums.

The biggest advantage of this tank is its cannon. It can deal 920 damage in few seconds. But you'll need to play premium ammo and have good equipment on this tank otherwise you may miss or not penetrate and then this tank isn't so good.
The armour of the tank is average, the turret is bad because of the commander's hatch, the mobility is average. It is also worth pointing out that the stabilization of the gun is poor and the gun sometimes trolls.

Still, I recommend this tank, you will have a lot of fun with it, you will have a lot of great battles and earn a lot of credits.



10. 12. 2022 - 91 battles - 3188 damage