60TP Lewandowskiego

4 stars - 3 reviews






30. 07. 2022 - 21 battles - 940 damage

Low pen and long aim time make it hard for me to play it effectively. Slower than meta tanks, so I get my ass kicked before I get to position quite often, but it might be remedied with a turbine. Good sidescraper, works hull down, but might have problems penetrating front of tanks it goes up against, or hitting their weakspots. If I do manage to flank enemies or get a shot at the side of someone's tank, then you can slap them really hard with this high alpha 152mm gun.


23. 08. 2022 - 212 battles - 3485 damage

If you can use the gun correctly this tank can be OP


19. 09. 2022 - 120 battles - 3861 damage

The 60TP gun can either be the most hilarious experience of your life, or the worst. Either watch the enemies mald as you slap their cupolas for 750 for free, or seethe as the gun sends shots at enemies in the open straight into the dirt. Luckily, the rest of the tank is still good enough to make up for when this happens.

-750 alpha makes this the ultimate trading heavy
-Good DPM considering the alpha
-Very usable armour. Small cupola, turret ring weakspot is relatively low on the turret, strong hull with small lower plate. This tank can survive for ages in a hulldown when using gun depression, and can even get away with things it shouldn't if it gets caught in the open.
-8 degrees of depression helps with finding strong hulldowns to play
-Deceptively good mobility, especially if you slap a turbo on.

-Garbage traverse speed, tank is very sluggish.
-Terrible side armour, very easy to track too. Combine this with the traverse speed, getting flanked is a nightmare.
-Gun handling + shell velocity will make you want to pull your hair out

Overall, this is a very strong tank and very much still in meta, but the gun handling is something you can't control, and something that will randomly ruin games for you from time to time.