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30. 07. 2022 - 62 battles - 2184 damage

2/5 stars, enjoyers would probably rate it 3/5.

It would have been a decent tank 6-7 years ago, however it has been powercrept even before it was released.

-Excellent accuracy. It is one of the most accurate tanks in its tier and the joint most accurate heavy tank.
-Good selection of shells, generally speaking. Excellent APCR shells as standard (268 pen, 1400m/s+ velocity), good HEAT rounds (325 pen), excellent HE (640 damage, 127 pen).
- 10° of gun depression.
-490 alpha damage, decent burst damage (around 1500).

Cons (there are a lot of them):
-Atrocious gun handling. The soft stats/dispersion multipliers are terrible, some of them are 50% worse than on the Kranvagn. Snapshots are totally out of the question.
-Terrible shell velocity on the HEAT and HE shells.
-Terrible DPM, very long reload. Loading the full magazine takes around 50 seconds. You will find yourself dumping the magazine mostly when you're dying and you want to get the most damage you can. Otherwise it's not worth emptying the clip, being useless for 50 seconds is impossible in today's meta. Also, using the tank as a single shot tank is equally bad. You can around 13.7 sec of reload, which gives close to 2200 DPM. That's bad for a tier 10 tank.
-Armor is bad. Using the gun depression may give some turret armor, works against standard shells or weaker shells, but assume everyone will just load gold and go through your turret.
-Mobility is not great, not terrible.

All in all, the tank is bad and unless you're an enjoyer, you won't like it. Using ridges and sniping work, but you should avoid fast paced brawls. Your DPM, gun handling and armor are unfit for it. This tank somewhat works if it has the time and distance for it, but these things are rarely available. It is supposed to be a support heavy tank, but it can't support and it also needs babysitting. The gun accuracy and excellent APCR shells are the main selling point of the tank, but those are not enough. Moreover, Intuition doesn't work with autoreloaders (loads only the first shell), so you can't switch between shell types and make the most use of them.


22. 08. 2022 - 39 battles - 2713 damage

A pain to play no DPM and bad armor