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02. 08. 2022 - 685 battles - 1532 damage

Sadly, an outdated tank. You can still make it work, but compared to many other monstrosities tier 8 premium released recently like the Skoda, 703, and especially the Renegade which is just absurdly busted for its stats, the T34 is just unable to compete. The once "Pro" of this tank is now a mediocre value compared to others nowadays, and the "Balance" factors previous of this tank are now the worst weakness of its.

Gun: OK. 400 alpha with 248 standard penetration, combined with great accuracy and acceptable dispersion for a heavy meaning you can make a good chunk of profit without having to fire gold. But the lack of DPM is a serious issue. You HAVE to give it at least a bounty rammer just to be able to fire barely 5 shots in 1 minute. Plus, 400 is not far from 390, and to think the Skoda can have 460 alpha with 2 shot magazine...

Mobility: Bad. It is just BAD. Wargaming buffed it long ago but it was not enough. You are too slow, plus, the lack of DPM means you can't catch up to the "3 minutes 15-0" meta.

Armor: Bad. American "Diamond" turret armor used to be the best selling point of their nation. Now, people can just dab the 2 key and it becomes a lump of big coal, especially the Russian 340 HEAT spammer. Plus, any 122mm caliber gun can overmatch your rooftop, and since you can meet tiers 9 and 10 that all have access to such gun caliber or larger, you are pretty screwed. It also has a weak spot on the turret when you use gun depression that experienced player will exploit it easily.

View range: Decent. You can safety spot low tier and any frontline opponent, but on the high tier where the light tank and medium tank are absolutely cracked their camo, be highly aware

How to play: First and foremost, Because of the very bad DPM, you have to be careful about positioning. Never go alone without at least 3 or 4 teammates to back up, and never get to a duel or hitpoint trade UNLESS you have absolute certainty that you can win with minimum loss. When you get a top-tier or same-tier match, play like a typically heavy, side-scrape, go hull down, poke, and shoot since the armor can work a bit. Remember to always try to utilize your gun depression to hide the turret rooftop and frontal hull armor. But if you get yourself in the bottom-tier match when tiers 9 and 10 can just load gold and spit on your face, play as a support heavy meaning you are supposed to sit a bit behind to provide cover fire for your allies. Go to the secondary flank, even the medium flank, and leave the brawling flank to the big boy.

Conclusion: To be frank, I don't even feel comfortable playing this tank when I got top tier against tiers 6 and 7 because T34 is extremely weak in this current META, and Lord have mercy if you get to fight against the Skoda or Renegade played by unicum who fire nothing but gold. If you have the option between this tank and the Renegade, go for the Renegade, it is so much more powerful and comfortable to play.


22. 08. 2022 - 700 battles - 1454 damage

Tanks was first ever prem, Pen is still very good but its outdated