FV4005 Stage II

3 stars - 1 reviews






31. 07. 2022 - 368 battles - 2456 damage

On some days it is a pain to play, on others a joy, depending on how much RNG favores you. This tank has one good thing about it, and that's the alpha damage. Oneshotting clueless mediums is great... if you don't miss your shot.

As mentioned before, the only good thing about this tank is the alpha damage, almost everything else is bad. It is huge, has absolutely no camo or armor, (but good viewrange), good gun-depression (10°) but horrible gun-elevation (8°, which limited me in my playstyle more than I thought), and the gun handling sucks as well. Even if you fully aim your shot, which takes around 5 seconds, you can't be sure to even hit the side of a tank that is driving 25 metres in front of your gun. At least it has a turret, which makes it easier to fall back behind cover and make some small edjustments to the shot.

Also, even though the standard shells have more penetration, firing gold (which is premium HE) is the right way to play this tank, because you gain 600 alpha by sacrificing ~70 pen, which is most of the time worth it.