Object 416

3.5 stars - 2 reviews






31. 07. 2022 - 697 battles - 1445 damage

The Obj. 416 is one of the better tech tree tanks.

-Great Alpha (320)
-Great DPM (2400 Base)
-Best Premium penetration of all T8 Mediums (330 HEAT Penetration)
-Good Gun Handling (0.12 on all Disperson Factors)
-Best Camo of all mediums while stationary (24.19% compared to Borrasque 19.27%) and while moving (14.55% compared to Borrasque 14.48%)
-Flat profile

-Low Hitpoints (1200 HP)
-Limited turret traverse angle (75° to both sides)
-Poor Gun Depression (3°)
-No armor (But enough to withstand HE shells)
-Below Average View range (380m)
-Below Average Accuray for a tank classified as a sniper (0.37 Base Accuracy)

Precise info about his Camo:

It is the only medium tank, which gets treated like a TD in terms of camo. This means it gets a 4% Camouflage Paint Bonus, but also loses 40% of Camo when moving unlike other meds which lose 25% of Camo. That is the Reason why it has 5% better Stationaty Camo than Borrasque but only 0.1% better Moving Camo than him.


This is not your typical Russian Medium. It plays like a mix of a Scout, a Medium and a TD, which means you can spot for your team as a "secondary light tank" or use your firepower as a TD to support your Team. So in big open maps like Prokhorovka with one or no lights you can spot for your Team and on Closed Maps like Himmelsdorf or Ensk you can use your firepower. Because of his poor survivability use your bushes and camo to stay unpotted as long as you can and Load the Gold even if you are f2p.


10/10 (Extremely hard to play)

Because of limited traverse angles, poor survivability and gun depression you have to know every single bit of every single map in order compensate for it. It is also heavily reliant on Premium shells, which makes it f2p unfriendly. The Obj. 416 is one of the most Map dependent tanks in the game

Overall Rating: 4/5

This tank is extremely good in the Hands of a capable player, but the moment you give it to 46% WR player, it is worse than the M48 RpZ.


10. 12. 2022 - 244 battles - 1484 damage