This page is for World of Tanks players. They can write user reviews of tanks in the game or read the reviews of others.

On the page you can also compare average ratings of different tanks, find the best rated tanks of a certain tier, etc.

In addition, users can see how good the player who wrote the review is, as the page shows the number of games played and the average damage at the time the review was written.
I first thought of the idea is in begining of 2021, when I thought it would be nice if there was a website where one could write a review on a tank or read other people's reviews. I thought it was a shame that there wasn't such a site, it would be nice if something like that existed.

At the end of 2021, when I started with creating websites, that I dusted off this idea and thought that I could eventually implement this site myself.

In April 2022 I then started working directly on the development of this site. It was a lot of work and I spent dozens of hours writing both the front-end (the look and design) and the back-end (how the site works in the background).

Then I finished the site in July 2022 and I have plans for further improvements.
Yes, I will continue to update the site and add new features. I am currently working on optimizing the back-end to make the site load faster and more user-friendly.

I am also thinking about adding more features such as in-game map ratings.
If you're interested in helping expand the site, the easiest thing you can do is tell your friends about the site so they know where they can share their experiences with their tanks or get inspiration from others.

In the future, I also plan to launch a donation option for fans of our site.
Yes, we would very much appreciate your feedback. This will help us in the future development of the site. We would also appreciate it if you report any errors so that we can correct them.

You can contact us on our Discord or send us an email to feedback@wotrate.eu.